Imagination Station

The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre is excited to present a unique new format for schools to use theatre as a way to help kids make good decision on their own, and give them the tools to handle any challenge that may come their way!

The Imagination Station is designed to use Social-Emotional Learning to support students’ development of 21st century skills. The Imagination Station provides everything you will need for a successful assembly, including sets, costumes, props and all technical necessities. You bring the kids, and we’ll put on the show!

In addition to the performances, The Imagination Station also offers a Study Guide to assist teachers and administrators in continuing a dialogue with students. Additionally, actors are available for classroom visits after the performances to talk with students, answer their questions, and talk about life in the arts!


Girl reading book in hat

Each 40-minute Imagination Station assembly features a fully produced children’s musical that includes singing, dancing, as well as plenty of audience interaction, all while addressing topics such as Bullying, Cyber Awareness, Self-Esteem, Better Eating, Hygiene and much, much more!

Each school has the option to choose between four assembly themes that best fit the needs of their student body. Then, Dutch Apple does the rest. We arrive with everything! Sets, props, costumes and all technical necessities are set up in the location selected by the school. Once the set-up is complete, the fun begins as students are fully immersed in a world where anything is possible.


The Super Dooper Bully LooperThe Super Dooper Bully Looper

Topic Addressed: Bullying

It’s Izzy’s first day back to school and she is excited; but that all changes when Daxton McGrubin ends up with a desk next to her. He has plans to make her life miserable. Luckily her friends at the Imagination Station have the answer, and a way to turn a bully into a friend!



The Biggest Book Report EverThe Biggest Book Report Ever!

Topic Addressed: Self-Esteem

Sunshine’s shop is busy with broken down cars. The Professor has lost his glasses again and Squeezebox is out of eggs! No one can seem to do anything right, but Izzy’s big book report shows that having self-esteem makes everything better!



The Case of the Cranky ComputerThe Case of the Cranky Computer

Topic Addressed: Cyber Awareness

The Professor can’t seem to get the library computer to work right; when suddenly it starts talking back! Everyone pitches in to help the Professor find a way to stop it and keep the Imagination Station from shutting down for good!



The Stinky Foot Man

Topic Addressed: Health & Hygiene

Squeezebox makes the best food; but there is an odor that just won’t go away and its starting to ruin everyone’s day! The hunt for the mystery smell sends them on a quest to find the source of the smell and fix it once and for all!




Randall Frizado

Educational Outreach Director